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Regulatory Exam Success
Business Meeting


Fannie MORA, Freddie Mac CORE and other Regulator Exam Preparation

Whether you already received a MORA letter or just want to get ready, we ensure you will be prepared.  An effective enterprise risk management program allows you to close more loans and grow confidently. Un-managed growth is the enemy of profitability.  First, SWS Risk walks you through our exclusive risk culture self-assessment; identifying areas in your culture that may need addressing. Then, using Fannie Mae's 12 Risk Self-Assessments we identify where you need to shore up your controls, policies and procedures to pass a regulator exam. We help you build a “Three Lines of Defense” risk management framework and evaluate whether your Internal Audit function will pass regulator scrutiny.

Expert Witness
Clapping Audience


Win your Case – Expert Witness Services

Steve will increase your chances of avoiding or winning any type of litigation in the mortgage business. His comprehensive rebuttal to a QC whistle-blower’s expert was critical to the lender obtaining summary judgment. Our expertise extends to litigation issues affecting every element of the mortgage origination process.

Business Conference


Quality Control & Fraud Prevention

We help you optimize quality control dollars to drive continuous improvement in your manufacturing cost per loan. If you are not beating the $10k+ industry average cost per loan, you don’t have a sustainable business model. You are probably spending too much on QC sampling or sampling the wrong loans. Strong QC also ensures successful technology implementation. Our methods for managing risk, not avoiding it, leads to increased profitability.

We conduct a Fraud Exposure Assessment and provide areas for implementing stronger QC and controls to prevent the devastating impact of pattern fraud.



Extend your senior management team at a fraction of the cost

Extend your senior management team's depth of experience and strategic thinking without adding a full time executive.  For a negotiated monthly retainer,  I provide feedback and serve as a sounding board whenever you need me. This eliminates having to seek or hire new expertise every time you might need advice or analysis.  Avoid one bad decision and return your investment many times over.  

Senior Coaching
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